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Kim Kardashian: Kanye 'styled Me Tonight' - Yahoo News

"Well, she made me put them up. Usually I had them in the bathroom at one point and she said, 'Nah, we're gonna put these Grammys up,'" he admitted to Shaun. The proud Mrs. West said the golden statues used to be scattered throughout Kanye's home. "He had one in the laundry room, one in the drawer, one pretty much in the washer, so I was like, 'We need to take these out and put them up,'" Kim teased her hubby. "And, you know, he's a little shy about it, so they're kinda hidden when you walk in.
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Kim Kardashian Stuns in Low-Cut GRAMMYs Gown, Says North West Already Has a 'Paparazzi Pose? - Yahoo Celebrity

By Sadie Gennis 15 hours ago Done Kim Kardashian debuted a new look on Instagram Friday. The reality star cut off her long, signature locks for a stylish, shoulder-length bob. "I cut my hair short today," Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Cuts Off Her Signature Locks ? See Her New Look! - Yahoo News

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Kim Kardashian wore a fancy bathrobe to the Grammys

OuTR/mT^ 6yP3ds"fi `0C=h)Lq?d`tB5\="2=_?3:kOMn\7me~{?Q}?z.:7Ai>zIs3*7rrmy yXJ ju; 1P6kQqe}=g>XfJa^>> $zMVc0K&G|l~Mk DS~@ C3C-eLo@]&99h(H \254+TG$jT;/@Q}w_VLB\nRC- ?:z)n&IPOBUus:<-r)E0j%m]]WEL|%ykU} >E wk$ dTZ 0FvE34zn)r- \6n&}]>[s \!d)?ume'*vd gxL.eSALWRtj/:!`.-|%?;WF&.J~{x|C:\E4 b}Fk 7< [F>NcZ' u8&nt/e. @ivzlJi[ pQwu: x(2 2[\;j] eF O3yOETI@ |H=n>% 8H?a P3NW(tU8x Vr6}Wpiuqi4LC$,+Y6C_$bScI3vn{cQ5842Qpr!f)YL2E 9EMs)w/M(@mV;l&4bm5} \,TTjrr;E2w3rvb n pnro N[c/Qc8f Fy<-kwFN}yYpmj' ,qR wz}>*}}n smu:=k8T{v:m5mkzT'Ks%pRLL&' qG%/^"lPE@/`@NUc R i;e77-~0 z~ VdS/Xxxj|b!{Wg6 ^Q pI!(motdYU hI@F*r{x>E)w 8. J%(WUE3[Q%TqF0 5*6Y2ez CNk=) +"zFgX!X| :g #c+i\{ #c|vpmi]M:0[^4hq]GiTElif8r7-g1Jnpa6g3:RZ(9*dF9 k}_]^pi%RZ}8l<0 ~J^iAN;O^JIZg\N`/(^y\6 Y3"apw 9AUb9S 1ok,+TLl0E fT55 5 7f"? \j-/xLa4G#D GCg{Lw7 d [`~Cz_gv lWo^m7F(P1vFuU2*PC'(2=3B)J%+_'} 8,Z,i^CXx Kim Kardashian Stuns in Low-Cut GRAMMYs Gown, Says North West Already Has a 'Paparazzi Pose By Antoinette Bueno 3 hours ago Done Kim Kardashian and Kanye West totally owned the GRAMMY red carpet. The 34-year-old reality star -- who's clearly not been shy about showing her body lately -- put her famous curves on display in a sparkly, very low-cut Jean Paul Gaultier gown that also featured a high split in the middle. She styled her new shorter 'do in a simple, sideswept 'do. View gallery The pair also wasn't shy about showing some pretty intense PDA.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Beyonce, and Jay Z Reunite at Pre-Grammys Brunch: Pictures - Yahoo Celebrity

It was gold, sparkly and probably cost a million dollars, but still. Does DASH have a bath-wear line that needs a boost in sales? But, because nothing says happily married like matching outfits, her husband Kanye West also wore a velvet black bathrobe thing. This love is built to last.

Kanye West Grabs Kim Kardashian's Ass on the Red Carpet: See Their Frisky PDA at the 2015 Grammys - Yahoo Celebrity

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